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Transforming Your Business Story into Cinematic Excellence

Struggling to showcase your brand's true story?

Unsure how your business is perceived?

Need to make an impact with an upcoming event?

Step into the world of Blue Editing's Video for Local Business Services, where we offer a comprehensive solution tailored for local businesses. From on-site shooting in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand to advanced post-production, we cover all your needs seamlessly. Our mission is to elevate your brand's narrative through captivating visual storytelling, enhancing your brand's identity, perception and impact for any upcoming event. Our clients experience increased engagement and higher conversion rates, a testament to our effective strategy and execution.

  We offer a full-service solution that perfectly captures your brand. We employ custom strategies to highlight your unique value, all while being efficient and effective—partner with us to craft videos that resonate and bring your business vision to life, ensuring satisfaction every step of the way. Explore our portfolio and see resuts for businesses like yours.

What sets us apart is our commitment to crafting an unforgettable experience for your business. Our bespoke video editing techniques guarantee that your brand videos transcend the ordinary, resembling feature films. Carefully selected music creates the perfect atmosphere for each scene, while our cinematic color grading adds a touch of magic, making your videos visually stunning.

With unlimited amendments, we work tirelessly until your video is a perfect reflection of your brand's story. Let us be the storytellers of your business journey. Explore our services and embark on your Video for Local Business experience today.


Color Correction

Enhancing and balancing the color tones in your videos for a professional and cohesive look.


Audio Enhancement

Improve quality through noise reduction, equalization, and overall enhancement for clear, immersive sound.


Special Effects Integration

Incorporate flair and creativity with visual enhancements, transitions, and captivating elements.


Cut and Splice

Precise editing to cut, trim, and splice footage seamlessly, ensuring a polished, cohesive final product.


Motion Graphics

Introduce dynamic elements to elevate visual appeal, making videos more engaging and visually stunning.


Storyboard and Flow

Craft a compelling visual story through meticulous editing, ensuring a smooth, captivating narrative flow.

Voices of Delight

Discover the stories of satisfaction and joy as our clients share their experiences with our services. Read firsthand accounts of how we've transformed their visions into visual masterpieces.

"Nic and Fabienne have the potential to be an award-winning team to capture and tell your stories on current live events or life adventures you’ve had in a visual and audio way.

5 stars, magnifique experience with Blue Editing."

Henry Tay, Instructor and Director of PPCDL @ The Boat Shop Asia

Video Editing Keyboard

Professional Quality

Video Editing Station

Fast Turnaround

Post Production Station

Personalized Attention

Post Production in Process

Creative Expertise

Video Editing

Client-Centric Approach

Step-by-Step Process

Family Movie Journey

We stand by our work. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, take advantage of our 100% Money Back Guarantee. Your happiness is our priority.

Blue Editing offers comprehensive video services tailored for local businesses. From on-site shooting to advanced post-production, we seamlessly cover all your needs.

  1. Full-Service Solution: On-site filming and expert editing to perfectly capture your brand.

  2. Local Business Expertise: Custom strategies to highlight your unique value.

  3. Efficient and Effective: Custom strategies to highlight your unique value.

Partner with us to craft videos that resonate. Let's bring your business vision to life.


Our Pricing

Cinematic Memories, Tailored for You

Elevate your family videos with our Family Video Editing Service. Prices start at 279 SGD for a 1-minute video, extending up to 727 SGD for a 10-minute masterpiece. Enjoy unlimited revisions for a month, ensuring your memories are crafted to perfection. Have a unique project? Contact us for a custom quote. Relive your moments in cinematic splendor!


Meet Fabienne, our editorial maestro at Blue Editing. Crafting narratives with precision, she ensures your videos tell stories that leave a lasting impact and forge emotional connections.

Image by Alan Alves
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Image by Wahid Khene
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Meet Nicolas, the video virtuoso at Blue Editing. His finesse in timing and visual storytelling, paired with expertise in music selection, creates cinematic videos that resonate with your audience, capturing your essence.

Let's Get Started

Seize Your Cinematic Moment

Connect with us at Blue Editing, where cinematic storytelling meets your vision. Ready to transform your memories into masterpieces? Contact us today at +(65) 9645 52 77 or email us at

Blue Editing transformed our event coverage into a compelling narrative, leaving a lasting impact on our brand.

~ Sarah Lee

  • What are the costs associated with video editing?
    The cost of our video editing services is determined only by the length of the final project, irrespective of the resolution. Our starting price begins at SGD 279, which is approximately equivalent to 210 USD.
  • How can I share or upload my files?
    Once you've placed your video editing order, we'll guide you on how to upload your footage seamlessly.
  • Do I have access to the project files?
    Certainly, we can provide you with the FCPX file if necessary. However, our commitment to your satisfaction means that most customers rarely require it. We're dedicated to ensuring your happiness, and if you're not satisfied, we offer a money-back guarantee.
  • How much footage should I provide?
    The choice is yours - you can submit all your footage, or leave the selection to our expert editors. They excel at identifying and extracting the best moments for your video. Should you need to add more footage later, it's a straightforward process. If anything is missed, our unlimited free revisions will take care of it.
  • What if my footage isn't of the highest quality?
    You can trust our editors to work wonders. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee - if you're not thrilled, we'll refund your money. Our editors have a knack for turning ordinary footage into extraordinary videos. Feel free to check out our reviews to see the magic in action.
  • Can I mix footage from various cameras?
    Absolutely! You have the freedom to upload videos and photos from any camera, phone, or device, regardless of format, aspect ratio, resolution, or frame rate. Our video editing experts will artfully blend them into a cohesive and polished video.
  • Can I provide special requests or instructions?
    Certainly, you have the flexibility to add as many or as few special requests on your customization page as you'd like.
  • How long does it take to receive my video?
    Once your footage is uploaded, and you've completed the customization form, you can expect your video in your inbox within 5 days. If you require revisions, those are typically completed within 3 days.
  • What's covered in the free revisions?
    You have unlimited revision requests at your disposal. Whether you want to remove clips, adjust their order, fine-tune volume, tweak the intro or outro, or make other adjustments, we're here to ensure your video meets your vision.
  • Can I create a video primarily using photos?
    Certainly, we can craft a stunning photo slideshow video or incorporate photos into your video project. You can provide photos or footage from any camera, encompassing various aspect ratios, frame rates, and formats.
  • Can I upload 4K or 360-degree raw footage?
    Absolutely, we embrace all aspect ratios, video resolutions, and video formats. Our editors possess the capability to handle the processing power required for 4K and 360-degree footage, delivering the highest quality output.
  • Is my data safe when I share my files with you?
    Rest assured, your data is treated with the utmost privacy. We do not share your files with any third parties. Both your files and completed videos remain exclusively yours.
  • Will my video ever be used for marketing purposes without my consent?
    No, we highly value your privacy. Your video is safeguarded as a private creation and will never be used for marketing purposes without your explicit consent.
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